Wrongful Death

In the terrible event of a sudden death, there are feelings of profound grief, confusion, and fear. These feelings are heighten especially if you lose an individual in whom you relied on for financial support and intimate companionship. If that death was the result of someone else’s negligence, the ordeal becomes almost too great. You are now facing senselessness along with profound loss.

Wrongful death results from accidents, assault, workplace dangers, product defects, and even medical malpractice. There is no way to prepare for the grief that results, and the process for filing claims can be overwhelming for an inexperienced person who is not facing grief, much less one who is drained from loss.

The law allows for beneficiaries to seek damages for wrongful death after losing a spouse, minor child, parent, or grown child. These cases require experienced and compassionate legal guidance to not only sort through expenses arising from the death but to also secure compensation through negotiation, settlement, or litigation.

This would be an unbearable situation to handle on your own but for attorney Bruce A. Blaylock, it is a solemn duty tempered by experience. After representing plaintiffs for over 40 years, Mr. Blaylock and his staff understand the psychology in injury and wrongful death cases and how it affects family members. He furthermore understands the importance of thoroughness in the preparation of these types of cases. He understands that the best way to avoid having to go to trial is to assume that the case is going to go to trial and to prepare from the beginning of the case accordingly.

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The Complexities of Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death actions contain many complexities. Your loved one is also the primary witness who could account for events and he or she is now deceased.  Fact scenarios often require reconstruction using the testimony of witnesses, experts and the opposing parties. Determining damages can be complicated as future earning potential is often subjective and evidence regarding current support must be collected to support compensation numbers.

Added to all of this, is the medical and mental health care expenses incurred by survivors as they face the symptoms of their grief. These are a lot of numbers to consider and that does not even get to the subjective damages that arise from other elements such as the of companionship.

How an Attorney Can Help Your Family

Hiring an attorney to represent your interests in a wrongful death action will not bring your loved one back, but it will make managing that claim during grief much easier. Resulting compensation that may result from a wrongful death settlement intends to eliminate uncertainty arising from that death. Pursuing these damages may help ensure security while you manage your distress

Retaining attorney Bruce A. Blaylock as your advocate during this difficult period will help you secure compensation quicker and at a higher rate than if you attempt to negotiate a wrongful death claim on your own.  The sooner you can secure compensation and ensure a better future, the easier it will be for you as you slowly move on with life. There is no reason to manage the sudden death of a loved one alone.

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