Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles represent freedom on the road, but the vulnerable state of riders means that 80% of motorcycle riders are injured if there is a crash. Car drivers who are inattentive to motorcyclists contribute to deadly and crippling consequences.

Over 4,000 motorcyclists are killed in accidents each year and thousands more sustain injuries. These consequences are why the Motor Vehicle Association instituted the Motorcyclist Safety Program and offered a basic course as part of motorcycle licensing.

Preventative programs are not reassuring if you are in a hospital bed recovering from injuries or your loved one was killed in a senseless traffic accident while enjoying a motorcycle on a warm day. Despite doing everything you can to make your motorcycle ride a safe one, one negligent driver can take you off the road.

To make this situation worse, insurance companies may perceive motorcyclists as careless, meaning it will be a fight to have a claim for injuries or wrongful death paid. You may find that not only are your recreational options limited but medical bills will pile up while you wait to be well enough to return to work.

The Focus on Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle as an operator or passenger, you are most likely looking at a long recovery time and high medical bills. These trying circumstances will hurt your financial, home, and work life, which can interfere with your recovery.

Your focus needs to be on recovering from injuries and not worrying about finances, or worse, bargaining with the opposing insurance company. This is where hiring legal representation for your motorcycle accident claim becomes vital.

Legal Help for Your Motorcycle Accident and Injuries

Attorney Bruce A. Blaylock offers 40 years of experience representing injury victims, including those injured in motorcycle accidents.

As a former Emergency Medical Technician, Mr. Blaylock worked in a hospital emergency room and saw first-hand the devastating trauma which can be caused by someone’s carelessness. His understanding of the seriousness of the injuries which can come from motorcycle accidents helps him build the strongest case possible when assisting a motorcycle accident victim.

While insurance companies will often view motorcycle operators as suspect and assume their fault in the accident, Mr. Blaylock combats this with his solid reputation for handling only legitimate claims. This in turn can help increase the possibility that your claim may be able to be resolved without any lawsuit having to be filed.

As you recover, the insurance company and the law impose deadlines on when you can file for damages. Focus on your medical recovery and allow attorney Bruce A. Blaylock to worry about these deadlines and communicating with the insurance company.

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