Birth Injuries

You have been planning for your new child for nine months. You imagine dreams supporting this child’s long-term health and happiness. This new chapter of your life is one of anxiety but also involves tremendous excitement and faith.

All of your plans were changed by your child’s birth injury. You’re now faced with the uncertainty of your newborn’s development and months or years of mounting doctor and hospital bills.

Birth Injuries in Maryland

Birth injuries are receiving more attention as Maryland considers a fund to compensate birth injuries and the news shows that the U.S. is one of just eight countries to witness a rise in maternal mortality.

What causes birth injuries? Failure to make the proper or timely decision regarding a cesarean section can lead to lack of oxygen that causes neurological defects. That can cause a birth injury such as cerebral palsy. If your child had cerebral palsy, he or she may have muscle spasms, reduced mental development, and trouble with speech or motor skills.

Erb’s palsy results from injury to nerves known as the brachial plexus. It may be caused by excessive pressure to a baby’s head or neck during a difficult birth. A child born with this may have paralysis, in the shoulders, arms or neck, and reduced muscle control or a loss of sensation in the shoulders, arms or hands.

Klumpke’s palsy, another birth injury, involves a paralysis of the hand, forearm and wrist. Another birth, where the baby has a tilted head and neck, is known as torticollis.

Shoulder dystocia may occur when the baby’s shoulders lodge behind the mother’s pelvic bones. That can lead to injuries to the baby’s head or shoulders, or broken bones.

Each of these conditions may require years of expensive therapy and medical treatments. Having a newborn child is supposed to be an exciting and defining time for your family. But it can turn painful and stressful when your child suffers a serious birth injury. You are now faced with the uncertainty of your child’s development and future medical needs.

If your child falls victim to these or other tragic circumstances of a birth injury, you will need an attorney who understands medical malpractice. You need a lawyer who knows how to hold a negligent medical provider accountable for your child’s injuries.

Dedication and Attention to Your Birth Claim

Attorney Bruce A. Blaylock has established a reputation of birth injury litigation through results. He secured a $2.3 million award for one client whose baby was injured during childbirth.

Mr. Blaylock has the legal knowledge and medical understanding to evaluate each birth injury claim. As you deal with your child’s needs, you will be assured that your case is taken seriously, evaluated closely, and passionately argued to the insurance company or a jury, if it is taken to trial.

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If your loved one is dealing with a birth injury, we are available to listen and evaluate your claim. Contact attorney Bruce A. Blaylock at 301-951-1800 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your claim.